Architect is an active chilled beam for exposed installation that provides great freedom of choice in design. Easy applicable with a large number of predefined design solutions with great flexibility to create a customised design, without affecting the function and performance. On big advantage is that you can do you planning without having to decide on the design. This allows you to retrofit the design in a simple way.

Architect can be equipped with cooling, heating, ventilation, Regula Secura condensation guard, built-in valves, actuators and built-in lighting.

  • Freedom in architectonic design
  • JetCone technology (Luna, Prisma, Circum)
  • Flexible distribution pattern (Luna, Prisma, Circum)
  • Low building height – down to 110-175 mm
  • Adaptable with lighting
  • Eurovent certified

2 Softwares

  • CADvent

    CADvent is an object-oriented AutoCAD© application with a complete toolbox for drafting, dimensioning, calculation, quantification and presentation of complete HVAC installations.

    Download CADvent for 32-bit

    Download CADvent for 64-bit

  • TEKNOsim

    TEKNOsim Europe is the software that provides fast, easy and reliable climate simulation. It is easy to use, and provides you with clear, understandable results. You can easily see the consequences of altering various parameters, and you can rely on the software’s brand-neutral results.

    Download TEKNOsim