Caice Fan Coil Unit

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  • Lindab Caice Fan Coil Unit
  • Lindab Caice Fan Coil Unit
  • Lindab Caice Fan Coil Unit

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​​​​Caice Fan Coil Units have intelligent Trend controls that talk to your Building Management System. 

Quiet Air Conditioning

Providing air-conditioning for offices, residential apartments and hotel rooms the powerful Caice fan coil units are energy efficient and quiet.
The compact construction of these fan coil units is ideal for installation within ceiling or floor voids. The flexible modular design of the fan coil units allows components to be added to suit your precise requirements. A Cheetah fan coil unit can be installed anywhere where a water and electrical supply is available.


Noise levels as low as NR25

  • Easy design redevelopment at any stage of a project due to its modular concept
  • Individual fan/motor assemblies for ease of replacement
  • 0-10V infinitely variable controller on EC models
  • Integrated attenuator options
  • Accepts most proprietary intelligent controllers
  • Optional Trend controllers
  • BMS compatible
  • Published test data to BS 4856

Efficient and Cost Effective

Cheetah Fan Coil Units are:
  • Designed and built for efficiency
  • Offer reduced total cost of ownership
  • Fully compliant with building regulations

​Acoustic Performance

With over 20 years experience in noise control these fan coil units offer unrivalled acoustic performance. Caice product selections are backed by certified performance data in accordance with BS 4856.

There are no softwares available for download for this particular product.

​The modular fan coil unit design consists of:
  • The fan coil core
  • A choice of inlet and discharge plenums 
  • A range of inlet and discharge attenuators 
​The ability to add or remove components at any stage of the product lifecycle offers significant savings.

All fo the efficiency characteristics of the fan coil units support compliance with the SFP limits in the 2013 revision of Building Regulations Approved Document L. The 300 series fan coil units offer SFPs in the range of 0.20 to 0.40 W/Vs.

Variable Air Volume
Cheetah Fan Coil Units fully support Variable Air Volume (VAV) operation when used in conjunction with a Building Management System (BMS) which leads to further efficiency gains.