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Centrif Duo Features and Benefits

  • ​Speedy installation due to 100mm circular spigot
  • Surface mounted
  • Timer model for internal rooms
  • Humidity sensing model for automatic operation
  • Suitable for both kitchen and utility rooms
  • Washable grease filter and removable grille assembly included for easy cleaning
  • Speed is set at installation
  • Current Building Regulations Approved Document F are met by the Centrif Duo

Kitchen and Utility Ventilation


The Centrif Duo range is a series of 100mm centrifugal extract fans for the domestic environment. Designed to provide extraction levels that comply with Building Regulation requirements, the Centrif Duo range has special humidity sensing variants for local authority use.


The Centrif Duo is ideal for kitchens, utility rooms and large bathrooms. Installation is possible through the wall or ceiling with surface mounting directly into standard 100mm diameter ducting.​​​

There are no softwares available for download for this particular product.


​It is possible to install the fan any angle as the motor features greased-for-life ball bearings. Insulation on the Centrif Duo is Class E. The Centrif Duo is a double insulated appliance. Supply voltage 220- 240V/1/50Hz
































Fast installation

​The Centrif Duo has a 100mm circular spigot and the Flush mounting kit enables the spigot to be converted to a side outlet. The 100mm circular spigot also encloses a built-in, spring operated backdraught shutter. Wall mounting the Centrif Duo Range is possible using a telescopic wall fitting kit available as an accessory (this requires a 115mm diameter hole).
































Humidistat control

​Nuisance noise is reduced as the humidistat is selectable for either kitchen or utility speed separate to any other control. The Centrif Duo also has a boost operation by pullcord or switch live.

































rif Duo P (Pullcord)

​The Centrif Duo P is a two-speed kitchen extract fan with pullcord. It offers a choice of two speeds for boost which are set at installation.

































ntrif Duo T (Timer)

The C

entrif Duo T is a two-speed fan with adjustable timer between 5-30 minutes. It offers a choice of two speeds for boost which are set at installation.
































Centrif Duo DP (Two Speed)


Centrif Duo DP is a two-speed fan and Off with pullcord or remote switch. The Centrif Duo DP switches between Off, low and one of the 2 boost speeds.
































Centrif Duo HTP (Humidity



he Centrif Duo HTP is intermittent on 1 of 2 speeds. It is possible at installation to select Utility or Kitchen. The Centrif Duo HTP operates by integral humidity sensor or pullcord. The Centrif Duo HTP offers separate speeds selectable for humidistat and pullcord. Optional continuous trickle speed is available at installation.

































​100mm Wall Fitting Kits (White)

100mm Wall Fitting Kits (White) are used for installing into most walls using the telescopic liners supplied.​