Constant flow damper with manual setting of one flow

Features and Benefits of DAU ​

  • DAU is a constant flow damper
  • Facilitates balancing of ventilation systems and gives correct flow from the start.
  • The unit compensates for e.g. connection and disconnection of system parts, clogging of filters and ducts, thermal lift forces, wind effects, window opening etc.
  • Ø 80–315 fullfills pressure class A in closed position.
  • Fulfils tightness class C.
  • There is a separate assembly, measuring, balancing and maintenance instruction for this product.

2 Softwares

​Technical data

Flow setting​

The flow is set by loosening the center nut and via the knob turning the scale arrow so it points at the wanted flow on the scale. Then the center nut is tightened.​