DIN 12 Damper Control Interface Device

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  • DIN 12 Damper Control Interface Device
  • DIN 12 230V AC Damper Interface Connection Detail
  • DIN 12 24V AC or DC Damper Interface Connection Detail

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​The DIN 12 is the standard DIN for damper control. THE DIN 12 controls the operation of the damper actuator and monitors the limit switches for open/close status. The DIN 12 instantaneously reports any change in status as it periodically reports the open/closed status to the network. The DIN 12 will energise or de-energise the damper actuator according to the criteria selected during configuration as the DIN 12 monitors incoming messages from other nodes.

The DIN 12 is:

  • Most commonly used as the fire/smoke damper control node
  • Available to control either 230V AC or 24V AC/DC actuators
  • A monitor of the status of the actuator limit switches.

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