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​Lindab DuraFrost for standing seam roofing and flashings is a wrinkled high build polyester coated steel. A substantial part of the solvents in Lindab DuraFrost have been replaced by renewable alternatives, most commonly Swedish rapeseed oil. Lindab DuraFrost is available in two steel qualities, PLX, which is used for seamed roofs, flashings and walls and FAP, which is used for flashings, façade cassettes and other details on buildings.

Lindab DuraFrost is Lindabs most durable material since 1959! Lindab DuraFrost gives the building a natural and neat finish and has a quality which is hard to beat. 

Features and Benefits of Lindab DuraFrost in PLX and FAP

  • Chrome free high build polyester
  • Nominal coating thickness is 30 microns
  • Wrinkled paint gets wrinkled during curing process
  • More scratch resistant surface compared to smooth coating
  • Coating is optimised for good wear resistance​

Technical Facts

​Gloss: ​5
Zinc Layer: 350g/m2
Steel Grade: PLX or FAP
Machining Temperature: -100 to +1000
Coil Widths: 610 or 1250
Thickness: 0.6mm
Paint System: Wrinkled Polyester

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​​Paint System




Top Coat

Wrinkled high build polyester





Back coat (PLX is turquoise and FAP is grey)

Epoxi/polyester 2 layer


​Matt Finish

Lindab DuraFrost is a matt product with a gloss as low as 5.​



Trial Method

Paint Thickness


ISO 2808



EN 13523-2

Bending Radius


EN 13523-7


Without remark

EN 13523-6

Scratch Resistance

Min 35 N

EN 13523-12

Maximum Working Temperature



Corrosivity Class


EN ISO 12944-2

UV Class



Working Temperature

Lindab DuraFrost in PLX and FAP, according to tests done, can be machine or hand seamed down to a steel temperature of -100C and a maximum working temperature of 1000C without the appearance of micro cracks.


Containing roughly 20% recycled material, the Lindab DuraFrost coating is completely chrome free and parts of the solvents are from bio-based material.

Resistance to Chemicals

​In general, DuraFrost has a good resistance to chemicals but there are some exceptions so it is best to avoid contact with certain organic solvents such as, ketones, aromatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Reaction to Fire

​According to EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009, Lindab DuraFrost fulfils class A2-s1,d0.