eMF- Eco Mixed Flow Inline Fans



The “eMF” high efficiency in-line mixed flow duct fans are designed around a high efficiency, high pressure development mixed flow impeller, offering a very compact design with high performance and low sound levels.
The range is available in 15 models, covering sizes 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630 & 710mm diameter. The range shall provide a performance from 0.06m3/s to 5.63m3/s with a maximum pressure development of up to 1200 Pa.
All model casings are constructed from steel and incorporates an aerodynamically designed airflow guide vane to ensure maximum performance from the unit.
All models offer minimum space requirements for installation & are designed for simple installation into duct ventilation systems via the included mounting foot. All units are suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting.


The impellers shall be aerodynamically designed high efficiency mixed flow type, manufactured from steel or polyamide.
The motor and impeller shall be factory matched, statically and dynamically balanced to ISO 1940, Grade G 2.5.


All sizes shall be protected to IP54 in accordance with BS EN 60529:1992. With motors suitable for operating temperatures up
to 80 Deg C (see technical data). The range shall incorporate maintenance free motors, fitted with sealed for life ball bearings, ideally suited for speed control.
Single phase 230V units by auto transformer control, 3 phase 230V or 400V by frequency Inverters.
Motor protection by means of a thermal contact switch incorporated within the windings shall be provided to prevent motor damage due to overloading/overheating.

Terminal Box

An IP44 terminal box shall be supplied with all models.


Model ØA B Weight Kg
EMF35514 355 396 13.5
EMF35512 354 396 17.3
EMF40014 403 417 12.8
EMF45014 453 467 18.4
EMF50014 504 515 23.2
EMF56014 564 582 38.0
EMF63014 634 655 43.1
EMF35532 354 396 17.5
EMF40034 403 417 14.8
EMF45034 453 467 18.9
EMF50034 504 515 23.6
EMF40032 403 417 20.3
EMF56034 564 582 28.0
EMF63034 634 654 39.3
EMF71034 714 732 49.0



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