Lindab GreenCoat Inspection and Cleaning

Lindab GreenCoat Inspection and Cleaning



​Regular inspection of the roof or walls should be carried out to prolong the long-term life. Any damage detected on the surface coating should be repaired.

Carrying out an inspection​

​All loose objects should be removed from roof surfaces, edges of facades and rainwater systems. After installation ensure there are no pieces of sheeting, brackets, drilling swarf or metal objects left on the surfaces.

There is a risk of corrosion from rubbish and dirt as they keep the sheet metal damp so ensure all of the roof, walls and rainwater systems are clean.

Inspect a Lindab GreenCoat PLX Pro BT and Lindab GreenCoat FAP roof annually.



Signs of discolouration, surface cracking, signs of chalking and the general condition of the paint especially where rainwater is unable to keep the surface clean.

Decide if it is necessary to clean, wash, treat edge corrosion, touch up or repaint the entire roof.

Gutters can cause corrosion as when they are blocked water can leak into the building.

Remove any dirt and waste from the gutters.

If there is any waste on the roof it can keep the surface humid and cause corrosion.

Allow the surface to stay dry by removing any waste.

Even if the building is new there may be damage to the colour coating which increases the risk of corrosion.

Depending on the type of damage and the extent of damage it may be necessary to touch up, repaint or change individual sheets.

Corrosion can be caused by any objects sitting directly on the roof material.

Remove loose fasteners, drilling swarf, pop-rivet stems and any other metal objects.

Leakage and corrosion through incorrectly fitted or wrong fasteners.

Replace with correct fasteners and change to the next larger size if the thread is stripped.

A cut edge of an overlapping sheet and sheet ends can cause edge corrosion which can spread if left untreated.

Clean the corroded edge thoroughly and repaint it.


With a soft brush wash off any deposits of dirt that the rain water has not rinsed away. Take particular care on the surfaces where the rain is unable to rinse off the sheeting, “the rain shadow”.

A normal dish washing liquid or industrial detergent may be required in areas with polluted air. These should be used according to the manufacturers recommendations and should be rinsed off carefully afterwards. 

Cleaning tips:

  • Damage to the paint could be caused by using stronger solutions than those recommended
  • Ensure all detergent residues are removed by rinsing thoroughly
  • Abrasive detergents and organic solvent must be avoided
  • Rinse the cleaning agent from the top down​ 

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