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​The new Hybrid Air Distribution System is for use with MVHR systems. The Hybrid Air Distribution System provides a flexible, highly robust solution. When compared to a standard system the Hybrid Air Distribution System can significantly reduce the installation time.


Features and Benefits of the Hybrid Radial System

The Hybrid Radial System:

  • Reduces installation time

  • Has a crush resistant semi-rigid duct

  • Is simply installed through joists

  • Can be applied in SAP as a rigid duct system

  • Has unique low-resistance manifolds 


The Hybrid Radial System Reduces Installation Time

The advantages of semi-rigid and traditional rigid ducting are combined to make one simple system, the Hybrid Radial System. Independently tested, the Hybrid Radial System can be applied in SAP as a standard rigid system. The Standard Radial System has the advantage of low cost and low space usage as the drops between floors to/from the MVHR unit remain in rigid PVC. Semi-rigid ducting, such as the Hybrid Radial System, traverses through joists in a floor cassette much simpler and faster. The secret of the Hybrid Radial System is the, Patent Pending, unique low-resistance distribution plenum, which allows connection between semi-rigid and rigid sections as it is sited between joists.

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