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Lo-Carbon Minivent Features and Benefits

  • Meets Building Regulations Approved Document F & L requirements for toilets and bathrooms at max 1.5m of ducting and 1x 90° bend
  • Complete kit supplied
  • 1 of 2 speeds selectable at installation
  • Adjustable timer version available
  • 5 Year Motor Guarantee

Powerful Lo-Carbon In-Line Fan Kit


​All the components necessary to install a ducted 100mm system are included in the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Minivent ducted bath/shower kit. Fitting of an efficient ventilation system to small rooms including bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets is simplified by the Lo-Carbon Minivent ducted bath/shower kit. The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Minivent is especially suitable for en-suite bathrooms.


The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Minivent fan kit has ample performance to meet the Building Regulations requirements for toilets and bathrooms. The timer version of the Lo-Carbon Minivent should be used for internal rooms.


The Lo-Carbon In-Line Fan Kit consists of:

  • ​A Lo-Carbon Minivent In-Line fan
  • A white ceiling grille and spigot
  • 3 metres of flexible duct
  • An external louvre for soffit or wall mounting

The duct should be cut to the required length and the bend radius kept to a maximum to provide optimum fan performance.

The Lo-Carbon Minivent is an enclosed terminal compartment, Class 2 appliance. Supply voltage 220-240/1/50Hz.​​​​

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Internal/External Grille Dimensions 140x140mm
Transformer (W x H x D) 87 x 87 x 33












Available Models




Lo-Carbon MiniVent B

  • High output tube fan 
  • 3 metres of flexible duct 
  • Ceiling inlet grille and spigot 
  • Soffit/ wall outlet grille













Lo-Carbon MiniVent T

  • High output tube fan
  • 3 metres of flexible duct
  • Ceiling inlet grille and spigot
  • Soffit/ wall outlet grille​