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Lindab Magestic for standing seam roofing and flashings is a zinc-magnesium coated steel. Lindab Magestic is a relatively newly developed and more advanced rust protection than normal galvanised steel. Lindab Magestic is a durable material that ages in style. Lindab Magestic has the equivalent to 24 micron coating on each side as it is delivered in ZM310 (310 grams per m2 and double sided.

Lindab Magestic is an extra soft tinsmith quality material which can be both hand and machine seamed. Tight seams can be achieved as the steel has practically no spring back.

The material combination of magnesium, aluminium and zinc means that Lindab Magestic copes with tough and difficult environments which other materials cannot handle. The service life of Lindab Magestic is increased by its ability to “self-heal” cut and perforated edges.

Whether it is renovating an old building, a new building, whether it is near the coast or in an urban area Zinc Magnesium is the ideal solution. Lindab Magestic can be worked and shaped in many different ways. Even in low temperatures bending, deep drawing and contouring are possible with Lindab Magestic.​


Base Material

Yield Strength

Steel Thickness


DX56 according to EN 10346:2015

Approximately 180 N/mm2



Lindab Magestic patinates over time and can end up being dark grey. Even after a couple of months outside you will usually see how it has started to darken giving a rustic and genuine feel. Greasy fingers and dirty gloves should be avoided as they can make the surface age unevenly.

There are no softwares available for download for this particular product.


​A zinc-magnesium coated sheet steel, Lindab Magestic can be used in up to corrosion class C4.


Lindab Magestic coating consists of 3% magnesium, 3.5% aluminium and 93.5% zinc.
Lindab Magestic works well in tough environments with sea salt and other areas with chloride and ammonium.

Reaction to Fire

According to EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Lindabs Magestic fulfils A1.

Life Expectancy 

​​For appearance and corrosion purposes avoid the following combinations:

  • Galvanic corrosion may rise when Lindab Magestic is used in combination with copper, brass, led and iron and runoff from these substances should be avoided.
  • Pressure treated wood as it contains copper.
  • Wet concrete, cement and plaster
Working Temperature

Without the appearance of micro cracks in the metallic coating, Lindab Magestic can be hand or machine seamed down to a steel temperature of -100C.

Rust Protection

Lindab Magestic is a rust protection product that can and will change its appearance over time.

Lindab Magestic has great benefits for the environment as it will not have to be changed as often as it has a long-life time expectancy in comparison to common galvanised steel.
Lindab Magestic is comprised of roughly 20% recycled material.


When Lindab Magestic is in coil form or stacked in sheets it must not be stored outside as it is very sensitive to white rust. Lindab Magestic should not be exposed to large temperature differences during storing to avoid condensation.