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​Offering the highest surface protection of any metallic coated steel Magestic – The King of Galvanised Gutters, is an improved galvanised steel with a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating. Within 3-5 years after installation Magestic settles into an attractive dark metallic appearance.

Lindab Magestic 

Elite Galvanisation

Galvanised steel has been developed using magnesium to create a stable barrier to protect zinc’s porous structure against corrosion factors thanks to new technology. Lindab Magestic offers the same trusted Lindab product designs with a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating.

Hot dipped zinc galvanised coatings have a porous structure. Lindab Magestic is strengthened with 3% magnesium and 3.5% aluminium by the zinc coating composition used. A compact structure with high corrosion inhibition and a stable barrier against corrosion factors is created by magnesium.

Lindab Magestic has the highest surface protection rating of any metallic coated steel and the ultimate resistance in aggressive environments. This has been proven by salt spray tests which demonstrate that Lindab Magestic has more than 20 times the corrosion resistance of hot dipped galvanisation (ISO 9227) and more than 3 times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanisation in marine environments. The chlorine content of the environment does not influence the corrosion rate of Lindab Magestic.

Lindab Magestic has improved cut edge protection as magnesium is more anodic than zinc. A galvanised coating migrates to repair red rust on cuts and scratches, the sacrificial properties of Magestic coating are more active than a zinc galvanised coating. Even on heavy gauge Magestic material above 5mm the self-healing effect remains.

Improvements in production efficiency means that Lindab can pass the savings on to you. Lindab Magestic is the lowest price Lindab rainwater system.

Lindab Magestic and the Environment

Lindab Magestic is exceptionally environmentally friendly as it has a reduced impact on zinc resource consumption. A reduced coating thickness is enabled by dramatically improving performance by adding a minor factor of magnesium to the zinc.

When compared to hot dipped galvanised steel Lindab Magestic has less than 25% zinc run off into soils.​

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