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  • Lindab Long Strip Roofing Maintenance
  • Long Strip Roofing Maintenance

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It is very important that regular cleaning of the roof and wall surfaces is carried out as dirt and impurities shorten the lifetime of the paint layer. Scratched and damaged areas of the roof and wall surfaces are the most exposed places on the sheet steel and may allow impurities enter into contact with the zinc layer below the paint coating or even the steel core itself so maintenance must be carried out.

Regular inspection and maintenance make good economic sense as it extends the life of the paint and therefore the time for repainting.

Factors which contribute to the ageing of the paint coating

  • Sun radiation
  • Weather
  • Proximity to the sea front
  • Life time expectancy is also affected by the choice of colour, bright colours will usually last longer than dark colours. 

Touch Up Paint

​Small scratches during mounting can be repaired with touch up paint. Only paint in the scratch itself with a narrow brush and don’t paint a larger surface than needed as the paint colour may differ and touch up paint may also age different than the precoating.

All standard colour touch-up paint is supplied by Lindab.​

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