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​10 Facts You Need to Know About Lindabs Low Carbon Rainwater System

The superior quality and green credentials of the steel Lindab uses speak for themselves.

With Lindab Rainline you are getting a cost-effective solution. Lindab Rainline is about the same price as a mid-range PVC system but is a completely environmentally friendly installation. Lindab Rainline is 100% recyclable and in addition to this you will have a rainwater system that is simple to fit and will last for decades.


​1.   Lindab Rainline is a More Environmental Focus​

When you choose Lindab Rainline for a rainwater system you are choosing an environmentally friendly and long-term system. Made from recyclable sheet steel, Lindab’s Rainline systems main raw material is completely ‘green’ and has a natural place in today’s approach to sustainability.

Lindab Rainline adheres to Lindabs strict environmental policy with the goal of ‘minimum possible environmental impact for long-term sustainable development’.

With 90% of Lindab’s business certified to ISO 14001 you are choosing a rainwater system with the lowest environmental footprint on the market – Fact.

More Environmental Focus​ 
2.   Lindab Rainline Grows Old Gracefully
With so much use of plastic drainage systems in the UK and Ireland the result is damp patches and expensive repairs. Plastic is UV unstable and after a few years it becomes unsightly and brittle and allows leakage and brickwork damage.

Comparable to mid-range plastic systems in cost, Lindab Rainline offers many advantages:Rainline Maintenance Lifecycle  

  •  Minimal movement
  •  UV stable
  •  Will not crack, fade or leak
  •  Highly resistant to corrosion
  •  Virtually maintenance free
  •  Vandal-proof​


Lindab Rainline is fast becoming the rainwater system of choice for many Local Authorities and Housing Associations.
Lindab Rainline Grows Old Gracefully 

3.   Lindab Rainline has a Much Longer Lifespan

Combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation Lindab offers the highest quality. Lindab Rainlines hardwearing properties ensure decades of performance making it the top choice of tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Lindab Rainline is rustproofed by a 275g zinc coating that is naturally self-healing as any scratch or cut is automatically sealed by zinc ions which migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel.

Manufactured from up to 30% recycled material Lindab Rainline is itself completely recyclable. There is no need to worry about costly disposal problems or the likely impact on the environment as the integrity of the system will last in excess of 70 years.

Lindab Rainline has a Much Longer Lifespan 

​4.   UV Stable Coated Steel Colours That Will Not Fade​

Lindab Rainline is available in

  • Plain uncoated galvanised finish
  • Aluzinc finish
  • Natural Copper finish
  • A choice of ten different colours​ 

Lindab Rainline is coated with extra durable highbuild polyester paint for an attractive and elegant finish that provides a totally individual look. Mixing and matching the ten distinct and subtle colours is easy and can be used to discreetly complement the overall colour scheme of the house or to boldly create accents of colour.

With a colour palette ranging from natural anthracite or silver steel finish to subtle greens, reds copper and brown, Lindab Rainline has a colour palette that are unavailable with other types of rainwater systems, like plastic or aluminium. All Lindab coated Rainline systems are guaranteed for up to 15 years. ​

UV Stable Coated Steel Colours That Will Not Fade​ 

5.   Steel StrengthSteel Strength

When steel is processed professionally it is strong, versatile and durable. Lindab Rainline steel has proven itself to be the material of choice, particularly in harsh climates. Decades of performance without leaking or rusting are ensured by Rainline’s hardwearing properties. 

Developed by professionals for professionals, Lindab Rainline is the ultimate roof drainage system.

Lindab Rainline is the ultimate roof drainage system 
​6.   Steel has the lowest carbon footprint of any rainwater material

Over the entire life cycle, Lindab Rainline products represent the greenest ‘cradle-to-grave’ impact on our environment. 

Lindab’s carbon footprint impact is based upon an assessment study. The assessment study covers the entire life cycle of seven different materials used in rainwater production. It assesses:​

  • the impact of raw-material extraction,
  • production use
  • disposal.​

This ‘cradle-to-grave’ study includes all steps up until a product leaves the factory gate, including:

  • direct emissions
  • fuel used during transport
  • production emissions
  • and secondly, life cycle and disposal are all taken into consideration.
The material of choice is Lindab’s recyclable steel for today’s built environment.
A competitive choice

7.   A competitive choice

It is only natural to think Lindab Rainline is one of the most expensive systems on the market because it offers the highest quality and longest lifespan. When compared with leading plastic systems Lindab Rainline is a competitive choice and is inexpensive when compared with aluminium or cast iron as it is cheaper, lighter and easier to install.A competitive choice

Cost is always a constraint so it is refreshing to see the most environmentally friendly choice, Lindab Rainline, is also the most competitive. Lindab Rainline is not just competitive with price but it is a more stable and long-lived installation, it has a 15 year guarantee on coated products and the steel itself has a lifespan of up to 70 years.

Lindab Rainline gives further savings on time and labour with simple and fast installation and fitting with thanks to:​ 

  • Snap-on outlets 
  • Clip together pipe holders
  • Adjustable smart brackets​ 

Just click to fit 


8.   Just click to fit

Lindab Rainline components fit easily together without glue, sealants, putty or tapes making it easy to install for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. When fitting Lindab Rainline a minimum of tools are required:

  • ​A hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Ruler  

A comprehensive Lindab Rainline Assembly Manual is available to download.

A solution for any type of building, large, small, classic or contemporary is offered by Lindab Rainline’s extensive range of components. Every component of Lindab Rainline has been designed to slot into the next to give the perfect fit making assembly and fitting easy.

Thanks to its smart design, hand-in-glove fit and overall quality once your Lindab Rainline system is mounted there will be no reason to replace it because it will look good for decades to come. 


Steel is specified in 90% of Swedish buildings 


9.   Steel is specified in 90% of Swedish buildings

The prevailing weather in Sweden is a maritime type. As steel stands up to extremes in weather like heavy snowfall and constant rain it is used in 90% of Swedish buildings and homes.

Designed and manufactured to cope with Swedish weather, Lindab Steel Rainline System has been extensively tested to offer the best rust-free installation that will last for decades.​

The future is steel 

10.   The future is steel

Big inroads are being made by steel into the rainwater systems market, particularly plastic. Both in price and ease of installation, Lindab Rainline is now seen as a major competitor. When it comes to product quality, longevity and durability Lindab Rainline leaves plastic standing. Decades of performance are ensured by Lindab Rainline as it remains tough and hardwearing where plastic can crack and discolour after only a few years.

Led in many instances by customer feedback, a policy of continual research and development, ensures that Lindab Rainline system will reflect the needs of the installer, specifier and end-user, now and into the future.