SSVU – Universal Pipe Bracket

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  • SSVU – Universal Pipe Bracket
  • SSVU Universal Pipe Bracket
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  • Lindab Universal Pipe Bracket
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  • Installing Lindab SSVU
  • Installing SSVU With an SST Spike

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​The Rainline pipe bracket has been re-designed to simplify selection, ordering and installation.

Usually rainwater drainage pipes are secured to a wall using either a screw-to-wall bracket or a drive-in bracket with a spike. Choice of rainwater drainage pipes can be influenced by the construction type of the building, regional conventions or installer preference.

Different from previous Rainline brackets, the new Lindab SSVU Universal Pipe Bracket, can be used for screw to wall applications or can be easily modified to accommodate a Lindab Rainline SST spike for drive-in applications.

*Recommended maximum 1.5m interval spacing

Features and Benefits of Lindab SSVU – Universal Pipe Bracket​ 

  • Can be used to screw fix pipes to the wall or used with SST Spike for drive-in fixing
  • Pipe is secured in place by easy click function
  • Requires 2 screws or spike for fixing​

Size mm

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Installing Lindab SSVU

  • Pipe brackets should be installed at 1.5m centres.
  • The highest pipe bracket should be installed 150mm from the offset or hopper head at the top of the pipe stack.
  • A spirit level or plummet line can be used to align the other brackets.
  • SSVU pipe brackets have built in ‘legs’ which can be adjusted to provide a suitable spacing from the wall.
  • The legs have pre-drilled screw holes to secure to the wall and an easy click lock mechanism to hold the pipe in place.

Installing Lindab SSVU with an SST Spike

  • ​SSVU pipe brackets can be adapted to be used as a drive-in bracket by simply removing the spacer legs and clipping the pipe holder to an SST drive in spike.
  • SST Spikes are available in 125mm, 175mm, 250mm and 300mm lengths and should be ordered separately.

Adjusting Lindab SSVU

The bracket’s easy click mechanism can be unlocked to dismount and relocate if required.

*Lindab SSVU is not available in unpainted Lindab Rainline finishes – Lindab SV or SVHA brackets are required.​

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​Finishes of Lindab SSVU – Universal Pipe Bracket

HB Polyester Coated- Silver Metallic, Anthracite Metallic, Copper Metallic, Black, Antique White, Dark Grey, Brown, Tile Red, Dark Red, Pine Green, Coffee Brown


Lindab SSVU - Universal Pipe Bracket is available in the following sizes:


75mm, 87mm, 100mm, 120mm​