Standing Seam Roofing


One of the foremost advantages of standing seam roofing is its flexibility. Lindab's steel sheeting is extremely moldable. A skillful craftsman can work the material to fit any roof design, no matter how tricky it may be.

Colourful and hard-wearing

HB Polyester is a prepainted sheet with an extra thick polyester coating, which effectively protects against corrosion. The coating offers rustproof, longer-life protection and makes frequent maintenance a thing of the past. That's why we can offer a generous 15-years warranty.

Silver shimmering and long-lasting

When you mix aluminium and zinc and use it as a protective layer on steel sheeting you get roofing with a silver shimmering surface. Its fantastic corrosion protection will give you an unproblematic roof for years to come. We call it aluminium-zinc.