THT/WALL - Extract fans

THT/WALL - Extract fans


CE ErP 2015F400INMERSO 400THT/WALL - Dynamic wall-mount extract fans with motorised hatch

THT/WALL Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic wall-mount extract fan
  • Motorised hatch
  • For smoke exhaust in fires
  • 400oC/2h
  • Specially designed for the fast, effective exhaust of harmful smoke and gases in the event of fire
  • Suitable for installation in industrial buildings, stores or in any other type of building
  • Approved in accordance with standard EN -12101-3
  • F-400 certificate
  • Can be used for industrial ventilation.

THT/WALL Extract fan Features and Benefits:

  • An extremely robust structure
  • Ability to withstand severe weather changes
  • Equipment structure made of corrosion-proof galvanised sheet steel
  • Water-tight design to prevent water entry
  • 60 mm heat insulation to prevent hot air loss in the winter
  • The wall mount bracket and helical ring support stand permit allow for correct, easy installation

THT/WALL Fan Features and Benefits:

  • THT series extractors
  • F-400 certificate no. 0370-CPR-2823
  • Tubular casing
  • Made of sheet steel with polyester resin anticorrosive treatment
  • Variable angle rotors made of cast aluminium
  • Airflow direction from motor to impeller

THT/WALL Motor Features and Benefits:

  • Class H motors for S1 continuous operation and S2 emergency use
  • Ball bearings
  • IP55 protection
  • 1 or 2 speeds, depending on model
  • IE2 or IE3 efficiency motors depending on model, except 2 speed and 8 poles
  • Three-phase 230/400V‐50Hz (up to 3kW) and 400/690V‐50Hz (powers greater than 3kW)
  • Maximum temperature of air to be carried: S1 -20oC +40oC continuous service
  • Suitable for warm climates with temperatures up to 50oC. S2 operation, 400oC/2h

THT/WALL Finish:

  • Anticorrosive finish
  • Galvanised sheet steel

Available versions:

  • D: Version for connection to extraction duct
  • F: Version with inlet chamber and protective grating for use without extraction duct

Available On request:

  • Anticorrosive paint finish, in the colour requested by the client
  • Fitted with F-300 rated fans

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