VATKL – Large Water Hopper

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  • VATKL – Large Water Hopper
  • VATKL Large Water Hopper
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  • Lindab VATKL - Large Water Hopper

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Traditionally designed to increase the flow of a drainpipes in heavy rainfall, rainwater hoppers or hopper heads, create a symphonic system causing the pipe to fill to capacity where it would usually only run a third full.

Typically, now hoppers are used where a standard outlet connection to drainpipe is not suitable e.g. where a water spout is used or multiple gutter runs that need to run into one pipe.

VATKL Large Hopper - has a larger capacity. This Lindab rainwater hopper is more ornate inverted pyramid shape.

Features and Benefits of Lindab VATKL – Large Water Hopper

  • Used with high flow outlet spouts or where multiple gutters meet
  • Square top with inverted pyramid sides
  • 260 x 260 x 290mm

Size mm




VATKL – 75

VATKL – 87

VATKL – 100

VATKL – 120



​Plain Galvanised, Aluzinc, HB Polyester Coated- Black, Silver Metallic, Dark Grey, White, Brown, Coffee Brown, Dark Red, Tile Red, Pine Green, Anthracite Metallic, Copper Metallic​​​

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