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  • Located in Milan (Italy), the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton offers 240 guestrooms, complemented by a 225-seat restaurant and a covered terrace, with a lobby bar and fitness area. It also has extensive meeting facilities.
  • A free span of 12.5 metres between the external column supports significantly reduced the number of foundations required and provided maximum flexibility for the inside layout.
  • Situated in Floresti (Romania) , the West City Hotel is an unique building with a five-storey metallic structure.
  • This 7,000m² edifice comprises a steel structure, as a response to the construction constraints: speed of execution and moderate cost compared to conventional construction.

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Building Hotels:
- A product and experience to meet the most stringent seismic requirements.

- Architectural freedom to provide a specific design for the client

Prodhimet e përdorura:

Lindab Buildings experience in supplying buildings for hotels, allowed it to readily meet the following requirements:
  • Architectural freedom to provide a specific design for the client
  • Construction of high buildings taking into account the seismic loads specified for the region
  • scrupulously adhering to timescales and budgets
  • Effective protection against fire
  • Optimal use of available volume and surfaces
  • Use of the best adaptable materials

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