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Agreeable and well-stocked Shop, an efficient and large store, plus smart Lindab Solutions wherever you look, characterise Lindab’s new Stavanger branch in Sandnes

When Lindab Norway decided in 2008 to build a new and more efficient branch for the Stavanger region, the choice of materials supplier was cut and dried, no doubt about it!
“I don’t think anyone will be very surprised to find so many Lindab systems here,” says branch manager Morten Lunde. “But there is a huge advantage for us and our customers, our entire new facility will be one big ‘show room’ for the solutions we offer the market.” The branch has a total surface area of 2,300 m2, divided into store space, offices and warm storage. Key components include the Lindab Safe duct system and diffusers from Comfort, as well as exterior walls comprising Lindab Sandwich panels.
“Having chosen an ultra-modern temperature, CO2 and presence controlled VAV solution, we have created an indoor climate solution in the office area that meets the strict demands placed on comfort and energy efficiency,” explains Morten Lunde further. “Extremely good insulation properties of our sandwich walls contribute further to reduced energy consumption.”
All partition walls are Lindab Construline, the roof is high profile Coverline and the warm storage employs Doorline industrial doors.
“Now our customers can load and unload inside the warm storage or load Construline and Rainline under the gable end canopies,” says Morten Lunde, “and of course, have a cup of coffee in our Lindab Shop. There they can also stock up on tools and all the things needed for the day’s tasks.”