A helping device intended to lift and hold primarily circular ventilation ducts at horizontal mounting.

The product, to be installed, is lifted with the help of a manually operated winch which is automatically braked when the crank is still.

The product supporting forks can slide along the arms in order to adapt to products of different lengths.

The feet/legs have free turning wheels to easy fine adjust the position of the product and facilitate to move the lift around.

The lift requires a smooth floor surface.

The lift can be rolled through a door width of 700 mm.

The lift can easily be separated in three major parts (feet/legs, pillar and arms) for easier transportation and storage.

Warning for risks:

Since working with the duct lift means handling of weights at heights this involve some risks. Great care must be taken. Pay special attention to the following risks:

  • Risk to stumble over the lift's feet/legs when placing the product on the forks.
  • Risk to hurt the back when placing the product on the forks. Maximum load is 25 kg.
  • Risk for the product to fall off from the forks.
  • Risk for the lift to collapse or to tip over if overloaded. Maximum load is 25 kg.

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