novembrī 24, 2011

Ilgtspējīga superbūve bez liekām raizēm

Kompānijas Directline Structures izpilddirektors Duncan Murray skaidro savus ieguvumus, kļūstot par Lindab Builder Network locekli.

​Directline Structures Ltd offers a complete design build service, specialising in commercial, industrial and educational buildings.

Duncan Murray, MD of Directline, has been an approved Lindab Builder since he set up his business over 20 years ago, and uses the structural system as the basis for most of his building projects.

“A Chartered Civil Engineer, I was looking for a quality superstructure that I could rely upon and was attracted by Lindab’s holistic approach and integrated design. There is a distinct advantage in sourcing most of the
elements of a building from one supplier and where everything is designed to go together to produce a quality product.”

Read the whole article in pdf:
Directline Testamonial Leaflet.pdfDirectline Testamonial Leaflet.pdf