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“From assembly of the first steel frame to having all seven halls erected took less than three months, which is a great result for Lindab’s hall systems,” says Henry Svensson. “Lindab’s cantilevered solution has given us a
40 m span across the large hall, and we can now easily adapt the use of floor space for every type of situation. Since all the buildings are standing on a slightly sloping surface, the majority of the steel-frames have been height adjusted for this. Hans Jageteg, Jorgen Carlsson and the rest of the team at Lindab have given us excellent support and a solution that delights us and impresses our visitors.”

Consumers in Sweden and Norway looking for a small cottage, outhouse or new garage have probably encountered the Jabo brand in the construction trade. Jabo Wood Products are the leading manufacturer of small wooden constructions. In more recent times, their business operation including flooring, porch roofs, fencing and pergolas has also increased.
This was happening so fast, that soon an entirely new logistics facility was needed to house it all. The solution was simple and quickly erected – seven steel halls from Lindab. At the entrance to Tranemo, a town
in southwest Sweden, lies Jabo Woods new logistics centre for trading activities.
 “Trading stock had previously lain on land rented temporarily, and already in 2007 we saw that we would need our own, new premises. We looked at the various alternatives and arrived at a solution with a cantilevered steel frame that provides both flexibility in use and, most importantly, a completely open floor space without any pillars getting in the way. Since Lindab were able to offer this in an attractive and tailor-made comprehensive solution, we chose their steel building system.” says Henry Svensson, Purchasing Manager for House Production at Jabo Woods.
Lindab has delivered the complete steel building system for all the halls: the large insulated low heated hall measuring 5,040 m2 as well as the six outer-halls measuring 6,500 m2 in total. In addition to the steel frame,
the package includes building components from the Coverline, Construline, Rainline and Doorline product ranges.