Malmö Borgarskolan

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“Since being built in 1936, not a great deal has been done here regarding ventilation. We have put in an extensive Lindab Safe system in dimensions of primarily 315 mm and upwards.
This has then been supplemented by Lindab LCS, DCS and NS19 diffusers, for example, plus DIRU dampers, SLCU silencers and low-profile LRCA silencers,
all prescribed by Sweco.” says Sven-Erik Nilsson, supervisor at Sydtotal.
 “The deliveries from Lindab has gone like clockwork” adds Sven-Erik Nilsson. “With Lindab this always works well, and this was also the case here at Borgarskolan.”

Malmö Borgarskola is an educational centre with an international focus that is attracting more and more students. “Now we are also upgrading the work environment for students and teachers by installing a new ventilation system that will meet the requirements for a school of the future,” says Coordinating Principal Nicola Sarac.
The air handling system drawn by Sweco for the renovated premises include the installation of a new supply and exhaust air system in the school’s main building. “The complete duct system, including diffusers, dampers and silencers, has been supplied by us, along with the copper sheet and drainage system for the new 700 m2 roof.” says Christian Lanz, Lindab Panel roof covering is in principle standing seam roofing in ‘the old fashioned way’. The panels are folded together in the traditional manner, but as there were only 1 metre long “sheets” in the 1930s, not sheet metal bands, this part of the roof is folded both lengthways and crossways. Just as it was originally.
“This part of the roof is folded completely by hand,” explains Anders Lilja, “and just as with the standing seam parts and Lindab guttering, it is entirely in copper. We are also laying a new roof on another school building, meaning that altogether we will have added approximately 3,150 m2 of roof. Everything has worked fantastically well and we are very
pleased with both the delivery schedule and the support from Lindab. It is an excellent organisation that we like to work with.”