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Sunflower and pea shoots are part of the new, healthy ‘green’ trend and are seen more and more often on shop vegetable counters and restaurant plates. The fact that they grow like a shoot can already be drawn from the name, but in order to succeed with this type of
cultivation on an industrial scale, exceptionally good conditions are required. In 2007, when Nyttogrönt in Munka-Ljungby decided to construct a new cultivation hall, some slightly strange solutions were required. Lindab's role was to supply products and solution.

Lietotie produkti:

The new 3,000 m2 cultivation hall’s heart is the cultivation room that covers 2/3 of the surface area. During the germination phase, the cultivation trays are mist irrigated and when the trays have then been moved out onto the lit tables, watering takes place every hour, 24 hours a day.
“This involves huge amounts of water and extremely high humidity in the hall,” explains Jan-Eric Andersson. “Since we produce foodstuffs, high requirements are placed on hygiene.”
Lindab’s Hallcenter had delivered a similar, but smaller hall to Nyttogrönt a few years earlier. “This delivery was taken care of so well by Lindab that we actually didn’t accept any other bids for the construction of this new cultivation hall,” continuesJan-Eric Andersson. “Our old hall was conventionally built with the supporting steel framework placed within the cultivation hall itself. This interferes with the daily cleaning of the walls. That’s why we thought, why not turn the construction inside out, assemble the sandwich panels from the inside and let the entire steel framework stand on the outside of the façade?”
Therefore, in the new hall, the sandwich panels hang from the suspended ceiling, where, in principle, they create a large refrigerator inside the cultivation area. The exterior façade shows the supporting steel framework. Although not very common, it is very practical.
“The delivery from Lindab went just as smoothly as it did for the first hall, and we had reassuring direct contact with Tomas Ledel at Lindab’s Hallcenter all the time. ” concludes Jan-Eric Andersson.