Porkala Lighthouse

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The Project: Standing seam roofing for lighthouse. Extremely tough weather conditions made the Finnish Coastal Services choose Lindab Seamline standing seam roofing in Aluzinc when Porkala lighthouse was renovated.

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Porkala lighthouse, which stands on the tiny rock of Kallbåd some six and a half nautical miles from the nearest land, is responsible for ensuring the safety of the ships navigating the crowded approaches to the port of Helsinki.

Ever since it was built in 1920 it has stood out among Finnish lighthouses with its grandiose design and characteristic red colour.
Until 1956, Porkala was manned and even though the weather was perhaps not always exactly a job benefit, the lighthouse was equipped with its own sauna, which the lighthouse master and his crew kept themselves clean in.

The lighthouse has since been automated, but its contribution to safeguarding navigation through these waters is still just as important, and therefore it has undergone major renovation including providing the roof with entirely new Lindab Aluzinc standing seams. “Navigare necesse est”, or as they say in Finnish “Merenkulku on välttämätöntä”.