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“Our experience of Lindab is very good, so when Tofta Bil came to us with its inquiry, as Hans Hellberg says, there wasn’t much to consider,” explains Lars Stjärnkvist, Kiaby Plåt & Bygg. “Halls are an important part of our business and 99% of the time Lindab supplies them to us. Their help with planning and construction is extremely valuable. What’s more, everything is correct and is just as they’ve promised, from the delivery to product quality. We think it’s fantastic!”

Tofta Bil in Kristianstad is a Citroën dealer with a lengthy history and is unquestionably one of the region’s larger franchisees. Lindab has very recently supplied a complete hall concept for their newly constructed 3,500 m2 automobile factory.
The choice of hall supplier was made quickly, but the issue relating to the design and layout of the hall took a little longer. “We’ve actually designed 95% of the building ourselves and allowed an architect to take care
of the rest,” continues Hans Hellberg. “All of our employees – sales representatives, office staff and factory personnel – were given the chance to design ‘their own’ car company. All of this resulted in a clear picture of what it should look like and, with the help of Lars Stjärnkvist and the architect we were then able to determine the building’s eventual design.”
Lindab’s delivery comprises the complete steel framework with truss structure, façades with Monowall panels and window sections. On top of this, there are 22 Lindab Doorline sectional overhead doors and
a complete Rainline system for roof drainage. The building’s duct system uses the Lindab Safe system, which has been assembled by Everöds El.
“The fact that we’ve used so many doors is because each car maintenance area has its own entrance, a result of our ‘co-determined architecture’,” concludes Hans Hellberg. “We’re verypleased with the whole project so far and we’re now constructing another building, which will house an automobile reconditioning company and a tyre firm.”