UPP is circular roof hood intended for exhaust air for high airflows (1 – 40 m3/s). The air discharges vertically from the hood and it is especially suitable for industrial applications.

The hood incorporates a butterfly damper that opens when the air flow and pressure is sufficient and closes when fan is not running. When closed, the butterfly damper prevent the ingress of snow and water. For rainwater the hood is free-draining downwards.

If exhaust air-flow has a very high humidity, then we recommend the use of model UPPV.

UPP is manufactured as standard from galvanized steel Z275, but is also available in stainless steel EN 1.4404 or painted in most common RAL colours.

All dimensions Ø315 – 1600 mm are supplied with a flange connection as standard. They are also supplied with lifting lugs.

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