May 13, 2014

Lindab to equip the Biggest Cruise Liner in the world

Lindab has been chosen to supply duct-silencers to the world’s biggest cruise liner, currently being built in St Nazaire, France. The order is the first marine order for Lindab in France, and to that for a spectacular ship.

​The cruise-ship, the third of the “Oasis” series from the Royal Caribbean cruise line company, will be 361 metres long, 47 metres wide and 72 metres high will welcome over 6,300 passengers and 2,100 crew when she’s ready in about a year’s time.

Lindab’s Commercial Director, Michael Blazy, comments:
“Going on a cruise is all about the experience and the comfort of the cabins is essential, both in terms of climate and noise. Since space on board is limited you need a compact, extremely efficient and a very silent climate control systems. Lindab Group’s great experience within Marine solutions has benefitted the French team and we are pleased that our duct-silencers will contribute to a very pleasant and peaceful experience for the passengers of this giant Royal Carribean cruise ship. In fact, if nobody notices the ventilation system at all, we have succeeded!”