Navy solutions

​Navy vessels normally operate in very extreme conditions. Rapidly changing climate, extreme depths and even the risk of external shocks place extreme demands on the ventilation solution. There is simply no room for compromise. Normally the solution has to be customised to meet the requirements of the specific vessel. The ventilation solution has to be effective and offer optimal stability and security, but each system also has to be fully accessible and require minimal or no maintenance.


We have the solution for your project

  • Extremely reliable solutions
  • Highest quality available and great stability
  • Low weight, compact design and extreme energy efficiency
  • Fire-safe solutions
  • Solutions in stainless steel and aluminium

The most reliable solutions for the most extreme requirements

Lindab has substantial experience and expertise in ventilation. Every product is characterised by state-of-the-art engineering and tested in our own industryleading R&D centres to meet the most exacting naval standards.

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