New standard on insulated ducts

Lindab Marine is introducing the new standard for effective, high-performance marine air ducting systems

We’ve done it again, we’ve raised the bar for what’s possible with our ISOL solutions. After many hours of designing, engineering and producing, we’ve created a product that is so revolutionary that it sets a new standard for marine ventilation solutions.
It’s now easier, smarter, safer and more effective to install a Lindab solution in your new build.

Increased performance and safety

The new Lindab ISOL solution delivers a range of new features while still maintaining the same outer diameter and backwards compatibility with the previous generation.
This fully-optimized solution utilizes a new stop bead to make installation faster and easier. The stop bead reduces the amount of screws, resulting in minimized pressure loss in the system. Edges are now folded over to minimize sharp surfaces and reduce the risk of installer injury. 


Five great reasons 

  • Faster installation
  • Easier to install correctly
  • Reduced need for adjustment
  • Rounded edges reduce injury risk
  • Compatible with existing systems


Dedicated to Marine solutions

When you partner with Lindab Marine, you partner with a supplier that focuses solely on delivering high-performance marine solutions. Our team is based in key locations across Europe to provide the long-term relationship and reliable support that your business needs demand.


Give your business a new standard

Book a meeting with one of our sales offices at Lindab and learn more about the new Lindab ISOL solutions.