Offshore solutions

​The offshore industry is a sector that often faces extreme weather, from cold conditions with extremely low temperatures, to salty environments and tropical heat with very high levels of humidity. These harsh conditions are something your offshore ventilation solution needs to be resistant to. By maintaining a comfortable and productive indoor climate in extreme environments at sea, offshore staff can perform their
jobs with great efficiency and the highest level of safety.


We have the solution for your project

  • Complete ventilation solutions, characterised by reliability and stability
  • Solid construction, quick and easy installation
  • Customised solutions
  • Less maintenance and high energy efficiency
  • Fire-safe solutions
  • Solutions in stainless steel and aluminium

We offer you a safe solution and peace of mind

When you choose a ventilation solution from Lindab Marine, you are guaranteed the best solution as well as prompt and reliable delivery from a flexible supplier. We supply the solution according to your needs – packaged by deck or with the components separated by type.

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