Passenger ship solutions

​When passengers board a cruise ship, they are embarking on the experience of a lifetime. Their expectations of comfort and luxury are therefore high – and the indoor climate is an essential part of the overall impression. The ventilation must comply with all the requirements we have for an
optimal indoor climate – In terms of air and temperature as well as noise. In brief, the ventilation should contribute to a unique, perfect experience on board.

We have the solution for your project

  • Complete ventilation solutions for your project
  • High energy efficiency, less weight and space savings
  • Tightness class D (E)
  • A comfortable, healthy indoor climate
  • Customised solutions
  • Fire-safe solutions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Delivery in time, on time, everytime

Perfect ventilation is an important part of floating luxury

Lindab Marine can provide the complete ventilation solution for any passenger ship, ensuring a perfect
indoor climate and on-board experience.
With our wide range of products, you can design a ventilation solution that is energy-efficient, weighs less, takes up less space and is easier to install than other solutions on the market. For example, our aerodynamic silencer Aerodym reduces noise by 50% and pressure loss by 40%, while also reducing the dimensions of the overall solution.

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