mei 13, 2011

New industrial premises for Lindab Builder Schneider Systembau GmbH

Schneider Systembau GmbH, a Lindab Builder from Radeburg, Saxony, has moved into their new industrial premises

​The company, that has been a Lindab builder for 20 years, needed a new production site and office space. While the office complex is a conventional building, Schneider Systembau decided to plan and construct the production site with Lindab to pool more than 70 years of experience and knowledge into one steel construction. Consisting of two buildings with two crane bridges each, the site covers a surface of 5,500m² and, with a height of 7m, provides plenty of space for the assembly of large and complex steel constructions as well as the handling of prefabricated elements.
Builder: Schneider Systembau GmbH (Germany)
Customer: Schneider Systembau GmbH
Architect: Schneider Systembau GmbH