oktober 13, 2011

Lindab buildings launches a new inside roof drainage system

New Concept and New Material for Lindab Inside Gutter

Lindab inside gutter is a new comprehensive insulated gutter system developed by Lindab Buildings with completely new technological solutions which guarantees weatherproofing and extra resistance.
It has been designed for all LPR1000, single skin, bridge and double skin roofs. It has also been adapted for the various sandwich roofs ordered from Lindab Buildings.
Perfect weatherproof performance
 Available for all roof types and sizes
Monoblock/monolithic gutter
Lindab Inside Gutter consists of a complete system of components,  ends and pipe connectors. The upper water draining gutter profile is connected to the roof by flexible flashings; the gutter is therefore independent from the building structure. It is completely free from stresses and allows expanding, under temperature variations while being entirely tightened all around to the roof sheeting. By using an UV resistant innovative material on the outer surface of the gutter system, high impact resistance, perfect weatherproofing and longevity are achieved.
The new gutter is monolithic, with no screws in the water area. Lindab Inside Gutter is an insulated gutter that can be fully adapted to the insulation level selected for the individual steel building. This roof drainage system is design to resist under the most severe conditions, from the high temperatures of Sahara to the extremely cold Siberia weather.
The result is a sustainable system with improved performance (erection, safety and handling) and recyclable, optimized water flow control.
  • Proven waterproofing qualities
  • Long lasting and effective
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No screws in the water area
  • Monoblock/monolithic gutter
  • Free moving, free dilatation
  • Panel goes inside the gutter
  • Sustainable solution 
  • Totally recyclable 
  • UV resistant
  • High aging resistance
  • 175mm depth for a better water flow control