juni 30, 2011

Lindab launches a new demand controlled indoor climate system - eHybrid.

Lindab’s Comfort division launches the ventilation market’s first eHybrid system, with significant advantages for investors, HVAC engineers and property owners.

​It is a surprising and the most inconvenient truth that properties account for approximately 40 % of energy consumption. It presents challenges for architects, consultants and property owners who must balance the need between comfort and energy consumption. Moreover, when talking about office buildings, these workplaces are only populated between 50 and 70 % of the time. What happens if you collect the room’s ventilation system, heating, cooling and lighting into a single device and then add an integrated demand-control. The result is Lindab’s new ECOhybrid system, a perfect room climate energy savings often greater than 30 %.

The new eHybrid system is a DCC system that is based on Lindab’s well recognized and lengthy experience in both chilled beam and ventilation technology. From an energy perspective, the eHybrid system combines -- chilled beam technology’s low transmission losses and small air requirements with the potential of ventilation technology for VAV/DCV* control. By using a chilled beam, it is only the need for fresh air that governs the ventilation quantity, offering a significant energy saving. ‘‘This reduced need for supplied air results in clear energy gains,’’ continues Dag Wallin. ‘‘A duct system in smaller size also results in reduced transmission losses, which further increases the energy gains. With the addition of eHybrid’s integrated sensor, which turns off the lights and reduces air supply and tempering when no one is present in the room, this leads to energy savings typically exceeding 30 %. Lower energy consumption, optimized indoor climate and contributing to make a sustainable future - we call it simplified construction.’’

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