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 Presentation​ Colour Chart​



Rainwater systems:




  Technical​   Assembly​



Profiled sheeting:


  Technical​   Assembly​



 Tile effect roofing:​

  Inspiration​   Technical​   Assembly​



 SRP Click:

  Inspiration​    Assembly​



Sandwich panels:​

  Inspiration​   Technical​   Assembly​



Facade cassettes:​





  Inspiration​   Technical




  Inspiration​   Technical​



Roof safety system:



 Inspiration​   Technical​​    Assembly​
  KT Technical​  ​



Standing seam roofing:

  Inspiration​  Technical Aluminium Zink   Technical HP P​




Garage doors:

 Inspiration​   Technical ​  Assembly​



Industrial doors:

 Inspiration​ ​ Technical



Exterior wall profiles:

  Inspiration​  Technical​



Partition wall profiles:

Inspiration​  Technical​​




 Inspiration​  Technical​




 Inspiration​  Technical​


System solutions:

 Inspiration​  Assembly Roof​ Assembly Wall ​
 Assembly Floor​