LCAN is a circular diffuser with an unperforated face plate. LCAN can be used for both supply and extract air and is suitable for the horizontal supply of cooled air.
Installing a LCAN diffuser with a plenum box type MB can help to achieve a stable airflow to the diffuser as well as realise the potential for individual adjustment.
Damper type B is an unique linear cone damper which allows to use the full operational area (0-100%) and allows to balance with a high pressure loss over the box with low sound generation. Furthermore the construction of the damper gives an accurate and reliable measurement.
Damper type C and E are with rotating blade dampers for respectively supply and extract. Typically used in applications that don’t require a high balancing pressure in the plenum box

  • Suitable for both supply and exhaust air.
  • Suitable for the horizontal supply of cooled air.
  • Plenum box with several damper options

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  • CADvent Plug-in for MagiCAD

    CADvent Plug-in for MagiCAD gjør det mulig å skape en produksjonsmodell som kan håndtere riktige kanallengder, byggemål på kanaldetaljer, nippler, muffer, flenser, posisjoneringsnumrering og ikke minst materiallister.

​Ventil + Kammer Tilluft (50Pa) ​m3/h ved 30dB (A) ​m3/h ved 35dB (A)
​LCAN-125+MBB-100-125 108​ ​130
​LCAN-160+MBB-125-160​ ​173 ​205
​LCAN-200+MBB-160-200​ ​241 ​281
​LCAN-250+MBB-200-250​ ​302 ​353
​LCAN-315+MBB-250-315​ ​407 ​500
​LCAN-400+MBB-315-400​ ​677 ​792