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Historia w skrócie:

The architects Sweco FFNS placed great emphasis on the new white facade of Apoteket
Bikupan being in harmony with the Central Hospital’s existing white and gray metal facade. In fact, a facade cassette from another supplier was recommended, but after the launch of Lindab’s Premium Facade Cassette, it
was changed to this. “Our criteria were a facade cassette whose appearance would match the hospital’s façade and to have such a steel thickness that dents and impressions would not pose a problem,” says architect Anna
Hjort at Sweco. “I was recently on site and can confirm that the facade looks very good with Premium Facade Cassettes.”

Stosowane produkty:

In 2008 it was decided that Apoteket Bikupan (the Beehive Pharmacy) at Kristianstad Central Hospital would receive new, spacious and airy premises in a new building outside the main entrance. For this new building, Lindab has delivered not only lightweight construction products and ducts, but also the first Swedish delivery of the brand new Premium Facade Cassette system.
“The facade is undoubtedly very attractive and compared to other cladding systems the assembly was made simpler by having all the plates marked up, while our fitters received complete facade and assembly drawings to assist  them. Each cassette clicks into place on the underside and is only screwed in the top so the assembly proceeded briskly.” says Per Mathiasson, managing director of Mathiassons Plåtservice, who were responsible for the assembly of the roofing and cladding.
Premium Facade Cassettes are supplied in marked up crates holding 15 cassettes. Each cassette has its unique number punched-out in the upper assembly flange.
“These marks, along with the facade and installation drawings we deliver make it impossible to mount any of the system’s components incorrectly,” says Jimmy Johnsson, salesman at Lindab. “And since the entire facade has been drawn using the CASSETTEsoft programme, with support from the building’s construction plans, all the façade cassettes’ widths, heights, piercings and allocations are automatically correct. In fact, the actual production of the individual cassettes is based on  the information from CASSETTEsoft, so nothing really can go wrong.”