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“I like to think that our knowledge of Lindab’s steel structure systems, and in particular the possibilities
of the Astron product, surpasses even that of Lindab’s.” explains Duncan Murray Duncan Murray not only sees the new office as a comfortable, bright and motivational
workplace, but also as a catalogue for different Astron solutions.

When the need for new, better and more suitable premises becomes greater and greater, the construction of a new buildings often the obvious solution. Whatis more, if you can move the business closer to the customers, to a more easily accessible location, that is yet another strong argument.
“This is exactly how it was for us,” explains Duncan Murray, Managing Director of Directline Structures, when explaining the decision behind the completely new head office at Ashford, Kent in south-east England.
And since the company has been a retailer and Astron Builder for more than 20 years, the choice of building was hardly unexpected - an Astron building.
“Over the years, we’ve delivered no fewer than 144 Astron buildings, so the 145th be a natural continuation of a well practiced formula,” explains Duncan Murray further. “Now, we’ll have an office that is truly
representative and that will provide us with excellent opportunities to show our customers the flexibility, readiness and quality of Lindab’s Astron product.”
 “The reason why we’ve worked with Astron/Lindab for 20 years can be easily summed up – they have a package solution for executing the highest quality steel construction work,” declares Duncan Murray bluntly. “When we talk to our clients, we know from day one exactly what we can offer. It’s common for contractors to be more vague and unclear in the first few conversations. We can present design, quality, additional choices, possibilities, not to mention the price after just 4-5 days. Moreover, we can top this off by starting construction immediately.”