Egenes Park Housing Prodject

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“The entire project is built on using recyclable material and that also includes steel,” says Svein Aase, MD of the construction company Stavanger Installations A/S. “When it came to the construction of the building’s partition walls, we chose to use steel studs from Lindab since they enable the simplified erection of the wall and easier electricity installation, but above all, a more stable and more solid wall. In addition, Lindab’s steel studs are environmentally certified,so they ‘fit’ well in this environmental context.”

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Egenes Park Housing Project would be an outright ‘no’ to steel solutions for what is currently Europe’s largest building project in wood. However, there is always space for good solutions, and that also goes for the Egenes Park housing project in the Norwegian city of Stavanger. There, Lindab’s new RdBX stud stands out like a steel exclamation mark amongst all the decimetre-thick wood.
Egenes Park is a unique housing project consisting of 56 apartments, a kindergarten covering three floors, an underground car park, a swimming pool, well-equipped gym and the good-sized common areas.  Egenes Park is special as it is a fivestorey building based on the highest level of environmental awareness possible and is as good as completely constructed from wood.
“It’s the first time we’ve worked with the new RdBX stud,” says Niels Nielsen, building foreman at Tore Ravndal Byggmester and team leader for the 40 carpenters who are building Egenes Park under the huge damp-proof tent. “Our installation engineers are clearly satisfied with the new RdBX stud that has made assembly quicker and easier through its click attachment.” The idea at first was to also use wood in the partition walls, but in order for the walls to gain sufficient stability, the specifications were changed to steel studs.
“This also offers the normal advantages of steel thanks to factory-cut lengths.Less waste and building scrapto trip on. With the new marked-out runner from Lindab, inserting the RdBX stud itself is also so much quicker,” says Niels Nielsen.