Kuku inova school

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Historia w skrócie:

Kuku ínova School’s dining hall was built during the 1970s and when Vopex received the request for information about the easiest way to seal the leaking roof
and fix the inadequate roof insulation, the solution was fairly straightforward. “We proposed Lindab Roof to the technical consultant, Stavoprojekt Poprad,
who immediately saw the possibilities that came with it,” explains Gejza Zurko, owner of Vopex company. “Since the technical documentation was missing for the dining hall, this required more extensive planning and reparation, but once this had been done we were able to present an economic and quickly fitted solution in the form of Lindab Roof.”

Impermeable roofing, improved roof insulation or increased total surface areas are often to be found on property owners’ wish lists. That was certainly the case for Kuku ínova School in Poprad and Prame pharmacy in Zvolen, both of which are in Slovakia. The School’s dining room needed better insulation and a watertight roof, while for the pharmacy’s renovation, which involved the construction of a new level – the roof also needed to be tightly sealed.
There was one suitable solution in both of these cases – Lindab’s roof renovation system Lindab Roof.
“We saw a clear need for solutions for the simple and rapid renovation of existing roofs,” Says Pavel Runa, Business Unit Manager at Lindab in the Czech Republic. “Since we have both product systems and IT solutions, we were able to present an effective solution by combining Lindab Construline, Lindab Coverline and Lindab Rainline using our various design tools into a single package solution – Lindab Roof. We have now delivered no fewer than 22 Lindab Roof solutions to our customer Vopex in Slovakia.”
Each Lindab Roof solution is adapted to the conditions and each case is different. In the case of Kuku inova School, Construline, Coverline and Rainline were included in the solution. “The installation itself took five weeks and was made much easier by the detailed documentation that comes with each Lindab Roof delivery,” adds Gejza Zurko. “What is more, Lindab’s engineers carefully went through each of the steps before the assembly began.”