Polus Center

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Historia w skrócie:

TriGranit Development Corporation is Europe’s third largest property developer with a special focus on designing, developing and operating “City Centers” [sic] – commercial projects strategically placed in metropolitan areas.
TriGranit recently inaugurated Polus Center, located between the municipalities of Cluj-Napoca and Floresti in Romania. Polus Center, with a surface area of approximately 84,000 m², is Romania’s largest shopping centre
built on one floor. Lindab can be counted among the important suppliers for the project.

Stosowane produkty:

The project has been managed by TriGranit’s subsidiary, Polus Transilvania Investment Company, and is just one of several similar and, in many cases, spectacular projects.
“BIMEXIM is the subcontractor that has been responsible for the façade and, consequently, they divided up the project that we’ve
supplied,” says Andrei Sulyok, Business Unit Manager at Lindab Romania. “Our delivery to Polus Center is one of our five largest contracts and has comprised 13,000 m² of wall cassettes, 4,000 m² of façade cassettes, 9,000 m² of wall cladding as well as fasteners, insulation, etc.”
BIMEXIM was founded in 1991 and since then, it has focused on constructing and supplying steel façades and construction solutions throughout Romania.
“Choosing Lindab for Polus Center was quite simply down to our stringent demands on product quality and supply logistics,” saysAna Bartalis, General Manager at BIMEXIM. “We have tremendous experience from working with Lindab in the past and since the architect’s demands here were high, choosing Lindab seemed entirely natural. Furthermore, Lindab is one of the market leaders within construction systems in Romania and we didn’t want to take any risks whatsoever in a prestigious project such as this. In retrospect, we can state that in terms of both quality and supply, Lindab fulfilled our expectations completely.
Moreover, as Lindab’s engineers regularly visited the building site, we received the support and assurance that we had counted on. Our position is clear – we’ll continue our cooperation with Lindab in future projects.”


Str. Avram Iancu, nr. 492-500

407280 Comuna Floreşti, Jud. Cluj