august 17, 2012

A prestigious building for the French National Health Insurance in Valenciennes (France)

Building of the Month – July 2012

The French National Health Insurance (CNAM) was looking for a strategic place for its national data center.
The old “Forgeval” industrial site which has been recently modernized (close to Valenciennes-France) presented all the expected criteria: not far from the existing site (CPAM), road accessibility, city center location and the future development of the area.
To be sure to give the best service to their clients, CNAM decided to erect a 2018 m² multi-storey building and contracted with the Lindab Builder “GERIM” in Lille, through the promoting company “NACARAT” (another company of the group RABOT DUTILLEUL, such as GERIM).
The external and internal conception was created by architect office «Agence A» according to the precision of finishing, give a modern, smart and harmonious whole to the construction. The final customer is very satisfied of the result and is very proud of the construction.
Builder : GERIM
Project : Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie
Architecture : Agence A