noiembrie 27, 2012

Appealing steel building in Poland

Building of the month – November 2012

P.A.C. is a subsidiary of a Dutch corporation, B&C International, one of the biggest manufacturers in the window treatment industry in the Netherlands. The company has been operating in the Polish market since 2008. It manufactures customized interior blinds for the most demanding customers. 100% of its production is exported.  The newly built plant in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST - PARK” not only enabled to increase the production and employment, but also to significantly reduce costs due to implementation of numerous solutions for more efficient work organization, as well as introduction of sustainable production elements. Owing to a very short investment delivery time of around 5.5 months, imposed by the contract terms concluded with the Zone, there was no time at the stage of preparing detailed designs and simultaneous construction of the building, to implement many interesting solutions of “green buildings” and to begin the LEED certification procedure. Increased amounts of fresh air exchanges, as well as considerable glazing of the assembly room were used, which should result in improvement of health and well-being of the employees and consequently, in their higher efficiency, lower absence and increased satisfaction from their work place. Huge glazing area of one of the walls, overlooking green landscape and surrounding nature, gives an amazing effect noticeable by all people inside the assembly room. Most of the work stations are turned towards that direction. The applied solution entirely eliminates the feeling of claustrophobia - working in a tin can, by providing higher amount of natural light, which will also considerably limit the costs of electric energy consumption.
Customer:     Polish Assembly Center
Builder:         W.P.I.P.
Architect:      Joanna Przybylska (W.P.I.P.)