Court of Appeal for Skåne and Blekinge

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The consultancy firm, Nordblads VVSKonstruktioner, had originally considered chilled beams from another supplier. “However, once we’d come in as a mechanical and electrical contractor,I contacted Lindab for an alternative price
since I already had good contact with them,” continues Hans Hjalmarsson. “The result was not just a better total solution and a better price, but also support and technical assistance that Jesper Strand and his team at Lindab
were happy to provide.”
YIT has had up to six installation engineers on site and has worked on the installation since December 2007. Today, the system is in place andhas been effectively handed over to the client.

The Court of Appeal for Skåne and Blekinge is one of six throughout Sweden. At the end of 2006, the National Courts Administration reported that Skanska had been assigned to build a completely new, 10,000 m2 Court of Appeal building, just a stone’s throw from the old buildings and right in the centre of Malmö. YIT is responsible for installing the ventilation with Lindab supplying all the chilled beams, diffusers and volume control dampers.
In total, approximately 160 people will work in the new building.  “A good indoor climate is certainly not regulated by EMR (En modernare rättegång (More modern court proceedings), but it is nonetheless animportant comfort factor both in the
courtrooms and in the building’s other areas. We really look forward to having an improved indoor climate compared to the old premises.” Says Christer Lundh Lindab has supplied 180 Plexus chilled beams, 170 Pilot chilled beams, over 200 volume control dampers and approximately 350 diffusers of various types for the new Court of Appeal building.
“The installation doesn’t actually differ in any great way from a normal office property,” says Hans Hjalmarsson, CEO at YIT. “However, the sound requirements were set at 35 dB(C) and since this unit, in contrast to dB(A), measures broader,slightly ‘tougher’ wavelength spectra, it was a criticalfactor. The National Courts Administration has also called for more check-ups of sound and air parameters than normal, but so far we’ve succeeded in fulfilling all the requirements.”


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