Industrial park building, Halmstad

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The building’s facade is composed of sandwich panels in dark grey and silver. Other Lindab products include LTP 115 in the roof, Z-250 beams, plus Construline partition walls and Doorline industrial doors. In addition, the ventilation installer has installed a complete Lindab Safe ventilation system in the building, making it all the more a veritable Lindab Solution.

Investing in a building requires many pieces to fall into place. The money must be there, the design and construction process must function smoothly and on time, and furthermore, the premises must offer the flexibility and adaptation the tenant needs. However building contractor Bygg Andersson saw no problem constructing an industrial park with tenants as diverse as a printer, a golfing wholesaler and ambulance station. Not with Lindab as partner and supplier of a complete steel hall solution.
“When we started on this project for the property management company Utsikten, we didn’t know exactly who the tenants would be,” says Henrik Andersson at Bygg Andersson, “but one of the advantages of Lindab’s steel hall system is precisely the concept’s flexibility and adaptability, meaning that we can flexibly adapt the premises as the tenants come along.”
Bygg Andersson has worked with Lindab for more than 15 years, particularly in conjunction with various types of steel hall project. “We have built around one steel hall a year in recent years and have found that Lindab’s solutions really work very well,” says Henrik Andersson. “In terms of construction technology, Lindab’s steel hall solutions offer us free spans of 6 m and a ‘built in’ fire classification, providing major possibilities when designing the layout.”

Access to a complete package with design,technical calculations, drawings, perfect logistics and a rapidly put together building means a great deal of course.

“Access to a complete package solution, where Lindab helps us with the design, technical calculations and drawings, gives us a perfect logistics and, in particular, a rapidly put together building which means a great deal of course,” continues Henrik Andersson.​