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Citytunnel in Malmö

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Проект туннеля в городе Мальмо не просто проект туннеля для поездов. Это абсолютно новый туннель, протяженностью 17 км , соединяющий север города Мальмо с Копенгагеном.

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Through Malmö Central Station’s transition from being a terminus to a modern through-line station and the establishment of both the Triangeln and the Hyllie stations, the Citytunnel also strengthens Malmö’s role in
the increasingly active and expansive Öresund Region. Sydtotal is responsible for two important ventilation contracts in the project where modified Lindab products come into use.
“The contracts, which together have an order value of approximately SEK 90 m, concern air treatment and fire ventilation at the project’s three stations and in the tunnels,” says Nils-Åke Åkesson, project leader at
Sydtotal and the person responsible for the installations.
The air treatment contract covers supply and exhaust air installations for technical rooms of various kinds. The fire ventilation at the Malmö Central Nedre and Triangeln stations, as well as in the tunnels, is a safety
system with the aim of evacuating smoke in the event of a possible fire and thus ensuring the evacuation of people.
When you wander along the 340 metre long platform at Malmö Central Station, it’s mostly concrete – up, down and to the sides. The only installations that are barely visible are the large black painted ducts that have appeared in the ceiling above the track. They make up the part of the fire installation that comprises a duct system for smoke evacuation.