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Glasgow Museums Resource Center


Lucas & Steen has been responsible for the entire duct installation for the extensions at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre.

Используемая продукция:

Lucas & Steen in Ardrossan, outside Glasgow,is a faithful Lindab customer who is choosing Lindab’s duct products.
“For a long time, we’ve worked primarily with Lindab Vent for all installations involving circular ducts,” says Jim Hanlon, Managing Director of Lucas & Steen. “It’s all about choosing the routines and working methods that best suit us and our assignments. In all likelihood, the Lindab Vent product programme will also continue to be the Lindab system that we primarily work with.”
Lucas & Steen has been active within the ventilation industry for over 25 years, working with mobile teams that assemble duct systems throughout Great Britain, with the greatest concentration in Scotland.
Lucas & Steen has worked with Lindab for a number of years. “We see it as a very stable and secure relationship that has been nurtured very well, both on a business and a personal level,” concludes Jim Hanlon.
Lindab’s desire to always help out and quickly handle any questions and problematic situations that crop up is something which is seen as very positive.
Joe Magee, Workshop/Purchasing Manager, is almost in daily contact with Scott Thomson and his team at Lindab and this ongoing, effective contact is an important part of our cooperation. "Lindab’s product programme suits us very well and the fact that it is stocked, comes quickly and is close at hand is important. Today, projects start quickly and therefore it’s essential to be quick out of the blocks in order to be able to keep up.”


200 Woodhead Road, South Nitshill Industrial Estate

Glasgow G53 7NN

United Kingdom