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Story in short:

Block Berge Bygg is a billion kronor business with a focus on turnkey projects, and is also a well known manufacturer of insulated concrets façade items.
The construction activity is concentrated in the region around Stavanger, Rogeland, while the company’s attractive and extremely well insulated concrete
products are sold and delivered throughout Norway.



Bedriftsveien 6

4353 Klepp Stasjon


Property owners want energy efficiency and flexible installations. Architects want freedom and aesthetics. Consultants want a solution that meets all of the stipulated requirements.
Installers want an easily fitted and convenient solution, and users naturally want to have a comfortable indoor climate! Too many conflicting wishes? Perhaps previously, but not now. Now there is the multi-faceted Plexus.
“When we learned that Lindab in Farum had begun the development of a new Plexus that would not only provide ventilation and cooling but also a heating part, we felt this would be a perfect product for Block Berge’s new extension. This delivery therefore became something of a special delivery, since the product had not actually been officially launched in the summer of 2009 when this installation was carried out.”
The Plexus heating function offers major benefits regarding architecture, installation and energy consumption. With Plexus, the room’s entire supply of ventilation, cooling and heating can be concentrated in a compact ceiling installation and the supplied volume of air is reduced by recirculating the room’s air through the unit’s water-based cooling and heating batteries. With the Plexus patent- pending thermal function, warmth is directed towards the parts of the room where it is needed, while more temperate air is directed against the side walls. This results in an even and comfortable room temperature without major internal differentials.